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BuildMyReputation™ is for individuals and organizations that want to dramatically grow their customer base through online engagement. Our process solves a common problem for those who desire to be a leader in their industry but lack the time and expertise to really make an impact. By using you will cultivate more prospects and grow your reputation organically by crafting the right content, conversations and messaging. Built for those that are willing to lead their industries through education, we help craft reputations and reduce the reliance on advertising and cold calling.

How the process works.



Reach Out

Give us a call or send us an email. We’ll lead you through a detailed questionnaire that will make sure we have a firm understanding of your business, expectations and goals.


We Do The Work

Our team will do SEO keyword research and custom craft an editorial calendar that our writers will follow. We will together decide on a pre-determined time to interview you for quotes and other relevant information. You can see an example of the content calendar here. Next, we write an article and you approve or offer changes.



Your fully edited and proofed article will be delivered to you. We recommend putting this on your website if you have one, and social media feeds too. You could even submit it to trade publications for review. The goal is to get as many potential customers to see your new content as possible.  If all that sounds like too much work, we can do it for you!
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Creating Original Content

Every minute of every day people are searching for answers. And the fastest way to get them is with a quick internet search. You can be the trusted source.

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Developing Your Own Audience

78% of Americans have a social media profile. This means Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and others.
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Be A True Pro

Old school rules still apply when it comes to conducting yourself like a pro. Showing up on time and following through with details never goes out of style.
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Sorry, there is no one time fix. Creating a top shelf reputation takes an ongoing effort. Best results come for regular articles and blog posts.
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BuildMyReputation™: Who We Are

We know business.

Our team is made up of a unique collection of business strategists, talented writers, digital gurus, social media nerds and public relations experts. We blended all of our expertise to create a tool you can use to fast forward your career. We don’t claim its easy, but its extraordinarily effective. To stay on track, you can hire us and choose your service level. Regardless our online email course will tell you everything you need to know, and how to create a reputation that will pay dividends years to come.
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Video course

Rep building fundamentals with BuildMyReputation™

Want to stand out from the crowd, but not sure where to start?

In this free video course you will be delivered key best practices that you can use immediately. Learn from the sharpest most accomplished people in a variety of industries.

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Customer Case Studies



Owner, Franchise Consultant Business

Since 1993 Marshall has been matching aspiring business owners with franchise business models. For years he has relied on personal relationships and word of mouth referrals.


Owner, Travel agency

All of Marks business comes online and in some cases doesn’t meet his clients in person. Getting someone to trust you while spending thousands on international travel is no small task, but he accomplishes this by building trust.
Kate Mesic headshot by Agnes Lopez


Owner, Law Practice

Kate owns a small law practice and has seized the opportunity to lead through education. Her articles touch such subjects as expungement, criminal defense and cases of DUI.


Owner, Business Consultant

Al recently went out on his own as a consultant and is leading a movement called Value Mapping™.  He is considered a startup, so he doesn’t have time to wait years to build his reputation


Owner, Business Brokerage

Patrick is a business broker that specializes in selling HVAC related businesses.  He was spending thousands in marketing and only getting marginal results.  When he shifted his strategy and focused on being the foremost expert in the HVAC industry, the deal flow increased 10x and at a fraction of what he was spending before.


Owner, Business Brokerage

Bianca has been using the BuildMyReputation service since 2017. In that time, she has become the highest dollar volume business broker in North Florida. Her regular original content posts on her social media feeds and website helps drive her success by staying top of mind with key contacts.

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